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LinkedIn Simplified
I raise tiny dinosaurs

Meet Your host.

Mark Johnson

My daughter got a couple of laying hens from her Grandma, no big deal I thought, fresh eggs from the back yard are a good thing. Then she decided to learn more about chickens and launched into a college-level research project all about chickens. That project ended up with hatching chicks from eggs, a fun project, and it was interesting to see them grow. Then a contract to hatch more chicks for her uncle lead to even more chicks at our place. Now we have about 50 chickens running around our place, and that is how I became a part-time chicken rancher.

Mark Johnson has over 25 years of experience as a Founder, Speaker, Trainer, and Coach working with small businesses, large corporations, and government agencies. He has worked with businesses and government agencies in the USA, Australia, Argentina, and Canada.

These experiences have created his vast and varied skill set and created an enormous amount of invaluable and transferable skills that he brings to his clients and his talks.

Mark Johnson has an authentic and friendly approach to coaching. He has made dramatic changes in his own life and supports others in moving forward in their lives and businesses.

Mark Johnson